Helping those with ADD to Learn and Thrive in the Classroom

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Good Sensory Learning was founded on the goal of bringing delight to learning for students with learning difficulties. Dr. Warren has created an ever-expanding selection of educational materials that are designed to help students of all ages. These educational materials are multi-sensory and provide a fun way for kids with learning difficulties to grasp concepts in subjects like reading, math, writing, grammar and language arts.

Learning can be difficult, but how do you know if your student is in need of assistance with their learning? One of the most common learning difficulties found in students today is ADD. A.D.D., or attention deficit disorder, is a learning difficulty that makes it difficult for kids to sit still, pay attention, follow instructions, and think through concepts completely. All of which make it difficult for students with A.D.D. to learn as fluidly as other students.

Signs and symptoms of A.D.D. show up before the age of seven, but can be difficult to spot because of how children naturally act. When it comes to signs and symptoms, it is difficult to put a generic label on how each student will react to them. While there may be A.D.D. students who are chatty and can’t sit still, there are other A.D.D. students who are quiet and daydream frequently. That being said, common signs and symptoms of A.D.D. are as follows: difficulty pronouncing words, trouble learning sequences like the alphabet or numbers, difficulty following directions or routines, trouble making connections, difficulty finding flow when reading, trouble with basic math concepts and more as they grow up.

If your student is showing only a few signs or symptoms, it is unlikely that they are a student dealing with A.D.D., but if your student is showing quite a few of the signs and symptoms it is best to seek advice from a learning specialist immediately, so as to allow your student the best possibility of success.

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