New Year, New Start for Learning-Challenged Families

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With school starting all across the country in less than a month, certain parents are dreading the transition from summer to new school year. Those with children affected by learning disabilities are often left feeling helpless and hopeless as they continue to watch their child struggle through another fruitless year. Stymied by ineffective tools and lack of time for individual students, teachers and often the schools themselves, are left without answers, hoping for the ever-elusive breakthrough. Children suffering from symptoms of dyslexia that have yet to be diagnosed with such, are often labeled with behavioral problems by teachers and administration that are ill-equipped to deal with learning disabilities. Couple these issues with the scarcity of special educational materials and you've got an equation for frustration and failure. 

By incorporating the aid of a learning specialist, a trained tutor, specializing in reading and learning disabilities, parents can facilitate personalized education at home. Educational therapist Erica Warren uses the unique and highly-effective learning tools that she developed to inspire and assist comprehensive learning strategies that are personalized to the individual student. Through brain training consultations and tutoring sessions with a focus on dyslexia help, Dr. Warren has assisted hundreds of students in the development of cognitive skills and effective ways of learning, creating new found levels of confidence and academic success. 

Before the new school year begins, enlist the help of an educational therapist that understands the needs and struggles of the dyslexic student. Learning disabilities don't have to hold your child back nor your family hostage to its chains. Learn more about Dr. Warren and how she can help by visiting



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