Dyslexia and Memory: Create Memory Palaces for Improved Learning

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This blog shares my most recent video podcast, featuring memory and language expert, Aaron Ralby. It is the sixth of many free video podcasts for Go Dyslexia!

Podcast With Aaron Ralby

This was such an eye opening conversation for me, and I can’t wait to take Aaron’s memory course and integrate these methods into my own life and practice. During the video podcast, Aaron and I discussed memory strategies that can assist individuals with dyslexia learn and master math, reading, languages, word finding, spelling and more.Erica Warren and Aaron Ralby on a Zoom about memory

It’s a fascinating discussion that will get you excited about the ways that cognition can be enhanced with strategies that work for individuals with dyslexia. Come learn about fun and memorable memory palaces and a new virtual reality program that can help individuals with dyslexia.

What is Linguisticator?

Linguisticator is an online course platform that offers memory and language training. These courses provide systematic, step-by-step guidance on how to use spatial memory techniques to learn large and complex subjects with incredible speed and full retention.

Learn about what memory problems look like in kids: CLICK HERE

Through extensive research into languages, memory, and learning methodologies, Linguisticator distills and maps out subjects while providing solutions for a range of individuals, from children with dyslexia to high school students preparing for final exams and even adults looking for professional language training.

RAN Activities

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working memory activities

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