Working Memory, Hemisphere Integration and Attention - Beginners Digital Download

Erica Warren LLC Good Sensory Learning and Dyslexia Materials

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Working Memory, Hemisphere Integration, Sequencing, and Attention Building Activities for Optimal Learning - Beginners is a 51-page digital download that offers innovative and multisensory game-like activities that teach young learners how to be mindfully present and engage both hemispheres of the brain. This publication also develops attentional skills, mental flexibility and memory. These "brain games" can be used for cognitive remediation, learning centers, or warm-ups to get the brain fully integrated and activated. This workbook is appropriate for ages 5-8, but can also be used with older students that require the needed remediation.

Each purchase is a single license, for a single teacher.  If additional teachers wish to use the product, please purchase additional copies.  Thank you!

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