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5 Ws Detective is a delightful sentence game that helps players solve silly cases by defining who did it, what they did, when it was it done, and why. Players work against time to solve clues, fill in the data, and then write a sentence to summarize their findings.

Develop Language Processing

It is important for students to learn the 5Ws (the who, what, why, when, and where) when writing because it helps to make the writing more informative and engaging for the reader, and ensures that the writing covers all of the key points and details necessary to fully understand the topic. Additionally, understanding and being able to use these elements of writing can also develop critical thinking and analysis skills, as students must think carefully about the information they are presenting and how it relates to the broader context of the topic being discussed.

This Game Can Be Played Individually or in Groups

In this game, players can try to improve their own scores and compete against themselves, or they can play against others.

What Cognitive Processing Areas are Developed?

This game develops a number of important cognitive skills:

  • Language processing
  • Sequencing
  • Processing speed
  • Word retrieval abilities
  • Critical thinking
  • Executive functions

A Fun Way to Develop Writing Skills

Dr. Warren developed this game for her reluctant writers to help them associate play and fun with written language.  Be sure to check out her other writing games too!

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