Building Self Awareness | How To Improve Self Awareness


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Building Self Awareness - is a digital download product by Elizabeth Kemler, M.S.Ed.  This is one of her EQ building/Social Emotional Learning publications from the ThinkBuildLive Success series that I am featuring on Good Sensory Learning.  You can find all these product under my category: Social Emotional.

A Healthy Sense Of Self

Having a healthy sense of self is critical for adolescents as they try to navigate the complex social, emotional, and academic terrain that makes up their daily lives. Most, however, are unaware of how they perceive themselves, let alone how they can exert some control over that perception. An adolescent’s day-to-day experience of life is equally impacted by their perception of the people and world around them, but again, the degree and quality of that influence often remains unconscious. This mini-workbook is filled with engaging text and exercises to help you guide your students toward a better understanding of their self-perception (what I call here ‘self-picture’), and view of the world (what I refer to as their ‘outlook’), with the goal of strengthening what is working, and improving upon what is not. The result for students is greater self-esteem, healthier relationships, and a better quality of life both in and outside of school.

This publication is 91 pages and lesson plans are also included.  

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