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Building Your Support System - Emotional, Psychological, Physical


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Building a Support System from the Inside Out  - is a digital download by Elizabeth Kemler, M.S.Ed.  This is one of her EQ building/social emotional learning publications from the ThinkBuildLive Success series that I am featuring on Good Sensory Learning.  You can find all these product under my category: Social Emotional.

Building Emotional & Psychological Support

This workbook is filled with engaging text and exercises to help your students understand the meaning and importance of having a healthy support system.  It is a comprehensive guide to supporting themselves, physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Made up of the people that promote and encourage their growth and success, a student's support system is one of their greatest resources, but it's often hard for young people to know who is really 'on their side', and who may be holding them back, even hurting them. This workbook gives students easy to use tools to help identify and expand upon current sources of support, as well as identify and mindfully disengage from any detractors.

While other people can, and ideally will, provide a good deal of the support in a student's life, a true sense of empowerment comes from knowing that they can depend, first and foremost, on themselves. In this section, we give student's myriad tools and resources to promote 'self-support', that is, all the things that help ensure physical, mental and emotional well-being. Included are exercises on reducing stress, managing difficult emotions, and staying motivated even during difficult times.

Included at the back are self-assessments and lesson plans.

This publication is 43 Pages

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