Executive Functioning Test - Executive Functioning Coaching Assessment (EFCA)

Executive Functioning Test - Executive Functioning Coaching Assessment (EFCA)

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This New Assessment Will Be Available the Summer of 2024! 

Boost Your Client's Executive Functioning with the EFCA

Struggling to find a targeted direction for clients facing executive function challenges? Look no further than the Executive Functioning Coaching Assessment (EFCA).

Developed by Dr. Erica Warren, a renowned educational therapist and executive functioning (EF) coach, the EFCA goes beyond a basic evaluation it defines a targeted coaching approach.

Understanding the Brain's Conductor: Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning (EF) acts as the brain's maestro, orchestrating how we process information. It encompasses a range of skills crucial for learning and daily life, including:

  • Working Memory: Holding information in mind for immediate use.
  • Inhibitory Control: Filtering distractions and honing in on relevant tasks, metacognitive abilities and emotional regulation.
  • Cognitive Flexibility: Adapting strategies and approaches based on changing situations.
  • Higher level EF: Planning, time management, organization and reasoning.

The EFCA Advantage: Uncover, Analyze, and Empower

This comprehensive digital assessment empowers coaches to:

  • Identify Potential EF Challenges: Gain insights into the likelihood of underlying EF difficulties.
  • Detailed Skill Analysis: Pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses within core EF subcategories.
  • Personalized Coaching Strategies: Craft tailored interventions based on the individual's unique profile.

Visual Reports & Targeted Resources:

  • Clear and Easy-to-understand Reports: Receive detailed reports with visual representations and explanations.
  • Actionable Resources: Access valuable resources linked directly to the identified areas for targeted development.

Enhanced Support with the Online Partner Portal (Optional):

  • Track Group Progress: Gain access to an interactive dashboard for group data and analytics (available upon request).
  • Bulk Purchase & Management: Simplify assessment procurement with bulk purchase options.

The EFCA: Empowering Individuals to Thrive

By leveraging the EFCA, you can equip your clients with the tools they need to reach their full potential. Let's work together to help them become masters of their own cognitive orchestra!

This New Assessment Will Be Available the Summer of 2024!

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