Executive Functioning Test - Executive Functioning Remediation Assessment 2 (EFRA2)

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The Executive Functioning Remedial Assessment (EFRA2) · Ages 10+ · Student Version 

Manage executive functioning deficits with this web-based assessment that targets a remedial approach.

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Are you a teacher, practitioner, or parent in search of effective tools to assist students or children with executive functioning difficulties? Introducing the Executive Functioning Remediation Assessment 2 (EFRA2), crafted by Dr. Erica Warren, a top educational therapist and executive functioning coach. This assessment:

  • rapidly evaluates the overall likelihood of executive functioning challenges.
  • defines specific EF challenges.
  • tailors a remedial approach.
  • presents teaching recommendations.
  • provides a list of reasonable accommodations.

Understanding Executive Functioning

Executive functioning, often referred to as the brain's conductor, involves the mind's process of interpreting and making sense of sensory information. It helps us derive meaning from what we see, hear, touch, taste, and experience, and it enables us to focus attention, self-regulate, process new information, and link it to prior knowledge.

The EFRA2 Benefits

The EFRA2 is an affordable digital tool designed for students aged 10 and up, helping parents, teachers, and professionals quickly identify potential executive functioning issues. It also provides a detailed analysis of specific difficulties through itemized insights and the subcategories.

Key Features of the EFRA2

This thorough assessment identifies potential executive functioning disorders in individuals aged 10 and older, providing detailed evaluations of abilities in working memory, inhibitory control, cognitive flexibility, and higher level executive functions.

  • In-depth Skill Analysis: The EFRA2 identifies specific executive functioning skills, offering valuable insights and product suggestions so a personalized remediation plan can be achieved.
  • Comprehensive Reports and Resources: Each assessment produces a detailed report with visual data representations, clear explanations, and links to targeted remedial resources for developmental support.
  • Interactive Online Portal: Users can request access to a dashboard that provides group data, analytics, bulk purchasing options, and more. 

Assessment Format:

  • Question Design: This assessment employs Likert scale questions to gauge the presence and severity of various symptoms. These questions are based on an extensive review of the research literature.
  • Practical Scenarios: The questions use real-life examples, allowing respondents to accurately reflect the level or symptoms.
  • Support for Students: To help respondents who find reading or reasoning challenging, the assessments can be administered with support. This may involve reading the questions aloud or discussing them to ensure precise and thoughtful answers.


Purchase Options:

Single Purchase: 

  1. Purchase and take the assessment by selecting the purchase button.
  2. Take the assessment
  3. Receive an immediate, comprehensive report with analytics, remedial recommendations, as well as teaching and product recommendations.
  4. Test taker receives an email with a copy of the report. *Check Spam if it’s not in your inbox.

Partner Portal: for Practitioners and Organizations: 

  1. Create your partner portal by going to: https://drericawarren.brilliantassessments.com/Organizations/Initiate.
  2. Receive an email with your login setup. *Check Spam if it’s not in your inbox. 
  3. In your portal, purchase discounted allotments of 5-1000 assessments. 
  4. Allocate and share the assessment in the partner portal and complete assessment.
  5. Receive an immediate, comprehensive report with analytics, remedial recommendations, as well as teaching and product suggestions.
  6. Test taker and administrator (optional) receives an email with a copy of the report. *Check Spam if it’s not in your inbox. 
  7. Use your partner portal for data comparisons, purchasing assessments, and allocating credits. 

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