Expressing Your Best Self - EQ & Intelligence Building


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Expressing Your Best Self - is a product by Elizabeth Kemler, M.S.Ed. This is one of her EQ building/social emotional learning publications from the ThinkBuildLive Success series that I am featuring on Good Sensory Learning.  You can find all these product under my category: Social Emotional.

Self Expression Workbook

This dynamic workbook utilizes engaging text and exercises to give students the tools they need to recognize their own style of communication, identify what is working well and what is not, while teaching them how to communicate the best of who they are, in an authentic, assertive, and responsive way.

Though our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, choice of words, and listening skills, we tell the world who we are, or at least, who we think we are. During the oft-turbulent years of adolescence, with a self-image in near constant flux, students struggle greatly with this ‘self-expression’; identifying those aspects of themselves that are safe to express, and landing on a mode of communication that feels right while eliciting positive responses from those around them.

Lesson plans are included in the back.

This publication is 54 pages.

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