Visual Motor Activities for Dysgraphia and Dyspraxia

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Fine motor activities

Does your child or student struggle with:

  • Holding a pencil comfortably?
  • Forming letters and numbers legibly?
  • Staying within lines while coloring or drawing?
  • Writing smoothly across the page?

These challenges can be signs of weak visual-motor (VM) or fine motor (FM) skills. But don't worry, there's hope!

Visual-Motor Activities (available as a downloadable digital resource) offers a treasure trove of engaging activities designed to improve VM and FM skills for children, older individuals, and those with specific learning needs.

What are Visual-Motor and Fine Motor Skills?

  • Visual-Motor Skills: The ability to coordinate hand movements with visual perception. This is crucial for tasks like writing, drawing, and cutting.
  • Fine Motor Skills: The ability to make small, precise movements with the hands and fingers. This is essential for activities like grasping objects, buttoning clothes, and tying shoelaces.

Why are These Skills Important?

Strong VM and FM skills are necessary for:

  • Academic Success: Smooth handwriting, good letter formation, and staying within lines are essential for writing and drawing.
  • Daily Living: Everyday tasks like dressing, eating, and grooming require good fine motor skills.
  • Self-Esteem: Being able to complete tasks independently builds confidence and self-esteem.

How Can This Resource Help?

  • 99 engaging activities: This downloadable workbook provides a rich variety of fun and effective exercises to target both VM and FM skills.
  • Benefits a wide range of needs: This resource is helpful for individuals with dysgraphia, dyspraxia, ADHD, autism, and those recovering from head injuries.
  • Multiple learning styles: Activities cater to different learning styles, making it engaging for a variety of users.
  • Remedial tool: With consistent practice, this resource can be a valuable tool for overcoming VM/FM weaknesses.

Who Can Benefit from This Resource?

  • Parents: Guide your child's development with fun and educational activities.
  • Therapists: Occupational therapists, educational therapists, and vision therapists can utilize this resource in their practice.
  • Educators: Teachers, tutors, and learning specialists can use these activities to support students in the classroom.
  • Rehabilitation Specialists: Help individuals regain lost skills after an injury.

More Than Just Fine Motor Skills!

These activities go beyond improving hand-eye coordination. They also help strengthen:

  • Processing speed
  • Visual processing
  • Visual reasoning
  • Executive functioning skills
  • Working memory 

Multiple Ways to Use This Resource!

  • Digital learning: Complete activities directly on a computer or tablet using Zoom or apps like GoodNotes.
  • Printable format: Print the activities in color for reusable practice with dry-erase pockets.
  • Traditional learning: Print the activities for students to complete with pencils or crayons.

Empower Your Child or Student Today!

Visual-Motor Activities is the perfect resource to help individuals of all ages develop strong VM and FM skills, gain confidence in their abilities, and achieve success in daily life and learning. Download today and watch the skills flourish!

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Adria V.
Students loved it!

My students loved this resource. It was easy grade for all ages and abilities. My students wanted to engage in this resource which made it beneficial for my students.

Manny G.

Outstanding resource, I found this extremely helpful.