Free Dyslexia Screener | Test For Kids, Teenagers & Adults

Free Dyslexia Screener | Test For Kids, Teenagers & Adults

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Welcome to the NEW, DIGITAL Comprehensive Dyslexia Screener (CDS)

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock the true potential of your learners with dyslexia

The History of Dyslexia

Although reading disorders were recognized back in the late 1800s, dyslexia didn't become a recognized condition until the 1970's-1980's.  Since then, it has received copious amounts of research and professional based attention.  However, many educators and clinicians are still mystified about how to best pinpoint the criteria/symptoms and many of these struggling students remain undiagnosed.

What is Dyslexia

A type of learning disability that results in problems learning to read and or spell, write and process words, letters, and other symbols. It does not impact overall intelligence.

Why Formal Diagnoses Do Not Use the Term Dyslexia

Dyslexia was once a formal diagnosis, however, with the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5, they no longer use the term Dyslexia.  Instead, they use Specific Learning Disorder.  This diagnosis requires persistent difficulties in reading, writing, arithmetic, or math reasoning. In addition, academic achievement scores must be significantly below the average range in the areas of reading, writing, and/or math. They also suggest that learning difficulties can not be due to other conditions, like low intelligence, vision or hearing issues, or neurological problems.  Testing professionals can add types or specifications in their reports such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.

What is the Comprehensive Dyslexia Screener(CDS) ?

The Comprehensive Dyslexia Screener (CDS) is a FREE diagnostic screening tool. With an optional paid upgrade, a detailed report (see below), user dashboard, training materials and handouts are also available.

Uncover Learning Challenges with Our Full Report

Our detailed report (for PRO and ELITE users) also uncovers the specific type of dyslexia, be it Auditory Phonological Dyslexia, Visual-Perceptual Dyslexia, Visual-Surface Dyslexia, Rapid Naming Dyslexia, Attention-Related Dyslexia, Mixed Dyslexia, Double Deficit Dyslexia, Developmental Primary Dyslexia, or Acquired Dyslexia. Beyond these, our screener also investigates working memory and higher-order language skills.

Unlock Training Resources

Our PRO and ELITE option equips you with strategies tailored for each dyslexia type. With our comprehensive dashboard, you can compare individual profiles, understand group dynamics, and devise educational interventions that hit the mark. With an ELITE CDS account, you gain access to a wealth of training and resources. We provide videos, podcasts downloadables and more. 

Support Neurodiversity

Join us and set your learners with dyslexia on the path to success. CDS not only uncovers challenges but also helps turn them into stepping stones. Let's together unveil the learning potential in every learner with dyslexia.

Finding Multisensory Remedial Tools for Kids with Dyslexia:

If you are looking for fun, creative, and multisensory remedial materials, lessons, and games created for learners with dyslexia CLICK HERE or on the image.

Dyslexia Activities and Lessons

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