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What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning, or what I call, the conductor of the brain, is the process of the mind perceiving and making sense of the information we receive from our senses. Helping us to create meaning from what we see, hear, touch, taste, and experience, executive functioning also allows us to focus our attention, self-regulate, think about new information, and make connections to prior knowledge.

The Good Sensory Executive Functioning Screener is an affordable, 20 question assessment that can help parents, teachers, and professionals quickly uncover the likelihood of executive functioning challenges. Individual items also shed light on specific difficulties that require attention. 

Likert Scale Test

This Executive Functioning Screener is based on my comprehensive, doctoral training, an extensive literature review, and over 25 years of working as an Executive Functioning (EF) coach. This screener offers a simple 20 item, Likert scale that addresses the common symptoms. It is an informal test and is best used to indicate whether formal testing and/or EF coaching should be pursued.

Where Can I Get Ready-Made Materials and Exercises that Help Develop These Skills?

Good Sensory Learning offers a comprehensive suite of publications that were designed to improve a student’s executive functioning skills. This suite of downloadable activities, games, and handouts offers learning specialists, educational therapists, and even parents ways to assist students in developing this needed skill. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Dr. Warren's executive functioning publications

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