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This is a bundle of Dr. Warren's popular publications that develop memory skills.  

How can memory be enhanced?

There are a number of ways to enhance memory.  We can:

  1. ensure that we are consuming a nutrient rich, organic, whole food diet.
  2. commit to an active lifestyle that integrates daily exercise.
  3. get plenty of restful sleep.
  4. develop our executive functioning skills through coaching, multisensory instructional materials, and by creating a structured and organized lifestyle.
  5. exercise working memory with mindful activities.
  6. learn memory strategies, study strategies and more effective ways of learning.
  7. developing our visualization skills.

What is included in the memory bundle:

This comprehensive bundle is a collection of downloadable publications that can be used to develop:

  • executive functioning skills - planning, time management, self initiation, attention and organization.
  • working memory - the temporary storage and management the information required to conduct complex mental tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehension.
  • short and long term memory - remembering or retaining information over a period of time.
  • Memory strategies - mental activities that enhance one's ability to retain new information and recall learned content from the past.

This bundle includes 10 publications.  You can click on the product titles below to get more information.

  1. Mindfulness Activity Cards for Developing Working Memory (1 publication)
  2. Working Memory Hemisphere Integration & Attention Activities Bundle (2 publications)
  3. Planning Time Management and Organization for Success (2 publications)
  4. Executive Functioning Games Bundle (4 publications)
  5. Mindful Visualization for Learning (1 publication)

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