One Hour Session with Dr. Warren

One Hour Session with Dr. Warren

Erica Warren LLC Good Sensory Learning and Dyslexia Materials

  • $ 150.00 USD

If you would like to schedule time with Dr. Warren, you can purchase an individual, hour-long Skype or Zoom session.  

No two people share the same strengths and weaknesses. In fact, each individual has his or her own unique ways of learning.  As a result, Dr. Warren creates a unique, individualized approach for each learner to build and kindle a love for learning by:

1. Defining learning and academic goals
2. Teaching exceptional study skills
3. Releasing the fear of academic failure
4. Understanding talents as every student has genius qualities
5. Uncovering the best technology tools
6. Developing compensatory strategies and remediating difficulties
7. Fostering confidence, resilience and independence

Please note that sessions do not qualify for the 5% or 10% discount.

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