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Latest Update

I'm thrilled to announce that "Planning, Time Management, and Organization for Success" has now integrated with Dr. Warren's Ultimate, Mindful, and Editable Planner/Agenda. The updated edition also introduces two comprehensive sections:

  • Internet Homework Resources: A curated list to facilitate online learning and assignments.
  • Assistive Technology Checklist: Essential tools and tech to augment learning capabilities.

About the Bundle

Explor Dr. Warren's 179-page digital treasure designed to empower students with executive functioning skills. The bundle includes:

  • Effective strategies for assignment planning.
  • Tailored organizational approaches.
  • Comprehensive study and memory techniques.
  • Tools for test preparation and long-term assignment breakdown.
  • Behavior modification resources.
  • Calendars and agendas.
  • Active learning development methods.
  • Techniques for reading, writing, and math mastery.

An exclusive feature of this bundle is Dr. Warren's Editable PowerPoint document, "The Ultimate, Mindful, and Editable Planner/Agenda," allowing customization for a personalized touch. The materials cater to a broad age range, from elementary through college.

Key Skills Cultivated

This all-encompassing bundle provides structured support in:

  • Homework recording.
  • Creation of checklists and to-do lists.
  • Long-term assignment planning.
  • Enhancing writing, reading, and math capabilities.
  • Boosting motivation and memory.
  • Effective note-taking and test strategies.
  • Developing mindful agendas.

The Importance of Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functions act as the maestro of cognitive skills, harmonizing and optimizing cognition. While some students naturally possess these skills, others benefit immensely from explicit instruction and tangible resources. This bundle offers an array of tools to bridge this gap.

Core Brain Functions Behind Executive Functions

Although definitions vary, three universally recognized core brain functions underpin executive functioning:

  • Working Memory: Governs our ability to manipulate, retain information short-term, and aids in long-term memory encoding and retrieval.
  • Inhibitory Control: Manages task initiation, attention focus, metacognition, and thought and emotion regulation.
  • Cognitive Flexibility: Enables adaptability to changing demands and perspectives.

Impact of Core Executive Functions

These core functions equip students to:

  • Stay attentive.
  • Organize, plan, and prioritize.
  • Initiate and complete tasks.
  • Understand diverse viewpoints.
  • Regulate emotions.
  • Self-monitor actions and thoughts.

Development Timeline

Initiating executive functioning training early reaps profound benefits, especially given significant growth spurts observed in early elementary years. Nonetheless, these functions continually evolve throughout childhood and typically mature around the age of 20-25.

Equip your learner with the tools they need to succeed with "Planning, Time Management, and Organization for Success."

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