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Reversing Reversals 2 is a downloadable PDF packed with even more fun and colorful activities to help your child conquer those pesky reversals.

Building on the success of the original program, Reversing Reversals 2 offers:

  • 62 Pages of Engaging Activities: Expand your child's learning with a fresh set of exercises that target sequencing, visual processing, and tracking skills.
  • Enhanced Cognitive Boost: Further strengthen the foundational cognitive skills essential for reading and writing, accelerating progress towards fluency.
  • Ideal for Dyslexia and Reading Challenges: Specifically designed to empower children with dyslexia or reading difficulties.
  • Therapist-Approved Fun: A valuable tool for therapists, teachers, reading specialists, and parents alike.

Reversing Reversals 2 is the perfect companion to the original program!

Looking for more resources?

I offer a comprehensive series to combat reversals and build strong reading and writing skills. Explore them all and find the perfect fit for your child's needs!

Picking the Perfect Reversing Reversals:

Reversing Reversals

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Customer Reviews

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Kristen S.
Love this!

I love this! I found it through a blog entry and bought it for my daughter. She has convergence insufficiency (and does computer therapy for this) and some dyslexia. She's clever at identifying "therapy" and thinks of your book as a game book!

Mary S.
Great practice!

These are great activities that really help a student practice reversals. They have to focus and think about what they are doing! They enjoy these!

Kim S.
Extremely impressed

I purchased the first edition of this resource and was extremely impressed. I saw this and knew I had to have it! Excellent resource - easy to use - kids loved it which is the most important feature overall.

Felicia B.
So helpful

Love this for practicing tracking, directionality, using combination of letters, symbols,etc. My students love these and don’t think of it as practising these skills, they just see it as fun!