Visual Tracking Assessment and Activities for Improved Learning

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Visual Tracking Assessment and Activities for Improved Learning was created for learners with predetermined, weak visual tracking skills.  This digital download offers 77 pages of assessments and activities that can be printed or used on a computer or tablet.  In addition, the assessments and activities can be used in online sessions.  Please note that this product does not include norm-referenced assessments.  Rather, the pre-assessment determines a student’s baseline and the post-assessment can be used to establish growth over time.

What is Visual Tracking?

Visual tracking is an oculomotor control skill that happens when the eyes focus on an object that moves across the field of vision or across stationary lines of text. Visual tracking is needed for making sense of the world around us and is vital for reading, spelling, mathematics, and other subject areas.

What is Included in This Publication?

  • Assessments: This publication offers both pre and post-assessments that can be used to measure student growth with shapes, animals, letters, and numbers.  In addition, the publication offers three levels of difficulty.
  • Warmups: This download also presents three, different eye-tracking warmups that utilize both numbers and letters.  This helps to integrate the brain and prepare students for the activities.
  • Activities:  This workbook also offers many pages of tracking activities and score sheets.  Students practice tracking and their time and accuracy are recorded.  The exercises can also be used to improve processing speed and RAN (rapid automatic naming).  The publication offers a variety of tasks that implement:
    • shapes
    • animals
    • letters
    • words

What Makes This a Unique and Superior Product?

  • This publication includes both growth assessments and remedial materials.
  • Tracking skills are developed with a variety of symbols, letters, words, and images to increase the natural application to all academic areas. 

What Populations are Served by this Product?

Visual tracking weaknesses are common for many children, and it tends to be a more prevalent issue for students with:
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Slow or labored visual processing
  • Head Injuries
  • Autism
  • ADD

 Who Can Purchase and Use This Publication?

  • Parents
  • Vision therapists
  • Educational therapists and learning specialists
  • Teachers and tutors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Play therapists

What Other Areas of Cognition are Exercised by Completing These Activities?

  • Processing speed
  • RAN - rapid automatic naming
  • Attention                           
  • Visual discrimination skills                                 
  • Executive functioning skills

How to Use This Publication:

  • All of these activities can be completed on a computer or tablet with a parent, teacher, or other professional.
  • Assessments and activities can also be administered and completed during online sessions.
  • Purchase dry erase pockets or print the activities and let students repeat the pages over and over again. 

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