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Comprehensive Teaching Visualization Bundle

Unlock the full potential of visualization skills with my exclusive Teaching Visualization Bundle. This special offer combines my digital book of visualization games, Mindful Visualization for Learning with two PowerPoint presentations, Teaching Visualization Beginners and Teaching Visualization Intermediate each dedicated to imparting five of the ten essential visualization skills, along with embedded activities for practical application. Whether you are just beginning or looking to deepen your understanding of advanced visualization techniques, this bundle covers it all.

Bundle Components

  • Mindful Visualization for Learning: Complementing the presentations, this 139-page PDF explores the scientific research supporting the benefits of visualization in academic and memory enhancement. It includes printable assessments to gauge progress and a rich variety of engaging games designed to further develop this crucial skill.
  • Two PowerPoint Presentations: Each presentation focuses on a distinct set of five visualization skills. Designed to be interactive and multisensory, these presentations not only teach the skills but also include integrated activities for students to practice and master each technique.

Additional Resources

For a detailed exploration of each component included in this bundle, please use the links below. These resources provide further information on how each tool can be effectively integrated into your teaching or learning regimen, ensuring you get the most out of this comprehensive educational package.

This bundle is an invaluable resource for educators, therapists, and anyone interested in harnessing the power of visualization to boost learning and memory. Take advantage of this discounted offer to enhance your educational tools and empower your students or yourself with proven visualization techniques.

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Joseph F.

Love your stuff. Invaluable working with my clients and students.