The 12 Ways of Learning: A Parent's Guide to Using The Eclectic Learning Approach

The 12 Ways of Learning: A Parent's Guide to Using The Eclectic Learning Approach

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The 12 Ways of Learning: A Parent’s Guide to Using the Eclectic Learning Approach

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You probably realize that everyone learns differently, and that your child does not always learn the same way you do. However, it is extremely difficult to step out of your own ways of learning to accommodate a child that learns in ways that would never work for you. Perhaps, if it is helpful for you to learn in a static or fixed environment, you may wonder: “Why isn’t my child able to sit still and concentrate when doing his homework?” Likewise, if it is easy for you to remember what you heard and utilize an agenda, you may ponder: “Why is she unable to recall lessons or record homework in a planner?” Finally, the most important question of all: “What do I need to do in order to help my child reach his or her optimal learning potential? 

To help each child attain his or her learning potential, let me suggest using the 12 Ways of Learning: A Parent's Guide to Using the Eclectic Learning Approach. This digital download offers 33 pages of assessments, learning strategies, organizational strategies, materials/technology recommendations, and more.  By utilizing the assessment, parents can uncover the unique learning profile of each family member. Then printable handouts can suggest the needed strategies for success.

What is the 12 Ways of Learning - Eclectic Learning Approach (ELA)?

This is a parent, at home version of The Eclectic Teaching Approach. This approach unites the theories of cognitive styles, information processing, multiple intelligences, and multisensory learning to uncover 12 diverse and unique ways of learning.  All of these learning modalities lie on a continuum and individuals have their own preferences based on their cognitive strengths as well as their exposure to each methodology. By learning about eclectic learning, parents, teachers, therapists, and even employers can be more mindful of diverse and multisensory instruction as well as the presentation of rich and assorted assignments.

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12 Ways of Learning

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