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Building Self Awareness - Is a product by Elizabeth Kemler, M.S.Ed.  This is one of her EQ building/Social Emotional Learning publications from the ThinkBuildLive Success series that I am featuring on Good Sensory Learning.  You can find all these products under my category: Social Emotional

ThinkBuildLive Success is a dynamic, three-part life and career skills program that empowers students to dramatically improve their quality of life. Created with real-life challenges in mind, TBLS offers workable strategies and relevant, immediately applicable tools and resources to help students make the most of their innate abilities—allowing them to enjoy success in the classroom and personal lives.  It also prepares them for work.

The program was created around the belief that everyone can realize greater personal and professional success when they learn to exercise their power of choice. Doing so may mean overcoming years of self-defeating behaviors, difficult life circumstances, and other hindrances. Beyond learning how to perform better academically, create effective routines, and find a good job, students have successfully applied the tools to overcome blocks to success, such as self-doubt and a lack of support.

TBLS encourages students to take an active role in their own learning, growth, and development. The engaging, interactive format gives students the opportunity to assess themselves, envision positive life changes, and master new skills while evaluating their progress. Knowing it’s not enough to just talk about the need for confidence, organization, and a positive attitude as necessary ingredients for success, TBLS shows students clear, manageable steps, using exercises, examples, videos, and activities. The result is greater self-awareness, a stronger sense of personal responsibility, and increased confidence to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. 

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