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Transforming Your Self-Talk - Is a product by Elizabeth Kemler, M.S.Ed. This is one of her EQ building/Social Emotional Learning publications from the ThinkBuildLive Success series that I am featuring on Good Sensory Learning.  You can find all these products under my category: Social Emotional.

This comprehensive workbook utilizes engaging text and exercises to help your students tune into their self-talk, identify their inner critic and coach, and learn how to create an inner dialogue that supports and empowers them in all areas of their lives.

Our brains are sending us the messages all day, every day, about what’s going on inside of and around us, yet most of us have no idea what we’re saying to ourselves. It may be hard to imagine that things we don’t even notice are really having an effect on our lives, but the fact is, almost every ‘self-message’ supports us having either a positive or negative experience of life. For adolescent age students, this is ‘experience’ can have a particularly powerful influence on behavior, relationships, and the kind of choices they make for themselves day to day. 

A student’s ‘self-talk’ can either be empowering or disempowering, depending on whether the message is coming from an inner critic or inner coach. While the critic uses the language of insults, guilt, fear, and failure to promote feelings of inadequacy, pressure, and helplessness, the inner coach uses the language of support, forgiveness, and encouragement, to remind us that we are worthy, competent, and in control of our own lives.

This publication is 53 page and lesson plans are also included.  

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