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Does Working Memory Impact Learning?

A strong working memory is thought to be one of the most important indicators of academic success.  It is one of many executive functioning skills and is an active part of short-term memory.  Working memory utilizes immediate, conscious, language processing and it allows one to focus attention and execute mental manipulations and calculations.

Why Should I Get the Working Memory Bundle?

This discounted bundle combines both of Dr. Warren's Working Memory, Hemisphere Integration, and Attention Building Activities publications for a wealth of executive functioning activity worksheets. This includes the beginners for ages 5-8 and the original for 8 - adulthood.  Please note that the beginners can be used with older students that experience weaknesses in working memory or have learning disabilities.

How Can Working Memory be Strengthened?

These activities are cognitive remedial tools that exercise and strengthen:

  • working memory
  • attentional skills
  • mental flexibility
  • processing speed. 

They are fun activities that your students will surely love.

If you would like to learn more about each individual publication, click on the following: links:

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