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Good Sensory Learning offers advice, resources and strategies as well as published educational products for all learners. At the heart of Dr. Warren’s approach is fun and engagement, and she designs all materials to ignite a love for learning. Our goal is to help students overcome any challenges by providing mindful and multisensory tools that maximize strengths and remediate weaknesses, while making the learning process enjoyable and memorable. What’s more, learning specialists, educational therapists, teachers, homeschoolers, and other professionals can learn ways to empower and tailor instruction to individual needs. We offer a growing selection of diverse products that accommodate students with learning and attentional disabilities (by utilizing our cognitive remedial tools), the general education population (with multisensory lessons), and gifted students who require tools to maximize potential. All our materials are student tested and integrate games (or game-like activities), memory strategies and hands on learning. We are always open to new products ideas, collaborations, as well as requests. So, please let us know what we can do to better serve you and your students.

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Dr. Warren’s materials are fun, easy to use, and very effective with a wide-range of students struggling with a variety of critical thinking skills. Her materials contain high-interest topics, presented in a kid-friendly manner, and capture the essence of a variety of fundamental thinking, reasoning, and learning skills. The elementary and middle school students find the content manageable, interesting, and engaging. In fact, many students look forward to doing work from Dr. Warren’s materials, which are subsequently used as “reinforcers” that the students can “earn” once they’ve completed their other work. What a testament to the value of her materials. I highly recommend Dr. Warren’s Good Sensory Learning Tools for parents and professionals who are looking for comprehensive, effective, creative, fun, and approachable materials to help build essential skills.
- Ilaina Blum, Santa Monica, CA

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