Go Dyslexia at Good Sensory Learning


All of Dr Warren's resources are now available in one place!!  Go Dyslexia's new home is at Good Sensory Learning.  

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Navigating the internet can be tricky and finding the best tools, methods, professionals and resources for individuals with dyslexia can be frustrating and time-consuming.  The mission of Go Dyslexia which is now housed at Good Sensory Learning is to empower those with dyslexia as well as those that live and work with these extraordinary learners. Now, therapists, teachers, parents, and students can get advice, strategies, material suggestions and more. We offer:

What’s more, we are open to suggestions.  Tell us about a new product, method or webpage that you would like us to review.  Suggest a dyslexia expert that you would like us to interview.  Do you have ideas that would improve this site? Let us know!

happy dyslexic kids reading