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Thank you so much for making such wonderful products.  I knew your products would be winners when my students lined up to play your Puppy Party Game.  They continue to beg to play it... No kidding!  You are making me look good and my students’ love reading and writing with these fabulous games.  Thanks again.

- Molly Hart, Reading Therapist, Washington, DC

I love the way you make learning fun as well as educationally sound.  I've been moving so fast for so many years and love learning that I can't recall where we met originally; however, I wanted to say thank you for being a connection & someone I have followed and learned a great deal from over the years.  Thank you for what you give back to the world. 

- Jodi Szuter

Dear Dr. Warren, I just have to thank you for creating this amazing material. My son (13) has processing and dyslexia challenges. He was in public school for many years with an IEP and not progressing. We finally pulled him out to homeschool and he's much happier and slowly progressing. I've searched everywhere to find some supplemental material to help with his learning struggles and finally found your material, which is AMAZING!! It's exactly what we've been looking for.  I can't believe schools don't use this. Ingenious! You just don't know what a blessing this is. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're changing lives and giving children hope for their future success. Thank you again!

- Beth, Parent

I just had to drop you a note to say that your website(s) and the many resources you have both for purchase and for free have given my practice a tremendous boost lately, as my students were needing more variety and definitely more game playing.  Not easy to find in the world of phonics… at least games that are fun.  I think I came across your info on Linked In on one of the many groups I follow, and have since eagerly looked forward to your posts.  I am a former counselor/special ed teacher who recently went into private practice myself after completing a post-grad program in Educational Therapy out here in the SF Bay area.  Anyway, I just felt compelled to reach out and say hello, and again, thank you for all the resources you provide!

- Best, Cheryl Maslow, San Francisco, CA

Hi Erica!

I just wanted to say that your materials and power points are brilliant and extremely beneficial! I am starting a group with 16 of my 5th graders who struggle with executive function skills and grades. I presented to our faculty and am hosting (along with our school social worker) a parent presentation with your PowerPoint. Thank you for all that you have created and the difference it will make to so many kids!!!

 - Gratefully, Julie Chamberlain

Dear Dr. Warren,

As a NILD© Educational Therapist, I find your website and materials very helpful.  I am already looking forward to incorporating your executive function card games into my sessions next year as just about all of my students struggle with working memory and executive function.  It was with pleasure that I passed on the name of your website to some of my parents to look at over the summer so they, too, could download materials to help their child over the summer.

 Thanks again for helping us help our students learn well.

 Suzanne Holley

I am working with children as a psychologist in Turkey. We use your materials a lot in our individual work as well as our social responsibility project which mainly focuses on developing cognitive skills of children. Your approach is one of our inspirations. So, thank you. We appreciate your work a lot, this kind of open source materials are so valuable. 

Aslı Yıldız 

NILD Professional Certified Educational Therapist

I watched your presentation on the Dyslexic Advantage website.  Loved it!!  I'm a mum of a 12 year old with Dyslexia and ADHD. I was looking for help for my son to help make the transition to high school where greater self-management is needed.  Thanks!!
I am also an Orton-Gillingham Therapist and will recommend your resources to teachers and parents.  Always searching for fantastic resources and yours are top of my list!! What you do is so important to raising the awareness of dyslexia and learning difficulties and resourcing those who seek effective intervention.

- Cheers, Rhonda

Hello there Erica Warren, I’m 35 years old from Albania in east Europe, which is the poorest country in Europe. I heard about dyslexia about 8 years ago from my friend. He had dyslexia but I did not know how to spell it when I looked on the internet. It has been one month now, and I looked again and I found your materials about dyslexia. I have watched your Multisensory Teaching for Dyslexic Students and for me is been mind opening to a new life and possibilities. It’s been one month and I have spent 6 hours watching videos and reading stuff about dyslexia. I have downloaded 5 programs that have text to speech and so on. Thanks for your time.

- Blerim Asllani, Albania

Consultation Testimonials

Sample Product Testimonials 

  • My youngest daughter has had vision therapy for over a year and still had issues with number and letter reversals, so her doctor suggested that we purchase this workbook. My daughter has much fewer reversals or if she does reverse something she sees it immediately and corrects the problem. Between the hours of vision therapy and this workbook, my daughter has gone from failing classes in school to being on the honor roll. Thank you!
  • After purchasing other books by Dr. Warren I looked to see what else she had produced and found this book. Every year I have students who struggle with letter and number reversals so I thought I would give this book a try. The activities are fun and include mazes, color coding and word lists. Strategies and additional at home activities are also included. I look forward to trying the activities with my students.
  • I shared this book with the speech and language specialist at my elementary school and she was blown away by the ease and effectiveness of the activities. I purchased the beginner level after first ordering the intermediate level. Both books are just what you need to review language skills. I suggest ordering both books.
  • I think that these pages are valuable for building students' listening, critical thinking, math, language arts, and science skills. This book mainly focuses on the first two skills listed above, but the last three are intertwined subtly in the directions of random grids throughout the book. I especially think these pages would be great for bellwork, early-finishers, supplement material, and test prep!
  • Trying to find a fun way to help my students improve their direction following skills was a challenge, but this workbook provided pages and pages of entertaining worksheets that challenged and helped developed their skills - and they LOVED them! Wonderful "tool" (more like games) for kids with impulsive tendencies or kids who have executive function challenges.
  • This educational game is fabulous. My kids are engaged for hours learning grammar and figurative language without complaint. Even the adults love this fast-paced game -- who doesn't need a brush-up with grammar every now and then. It is easy to take along on vacations or other outings. Dr. Warren is a master of teaching children who learn better through a multi-sensory approach. We use many of her products and have seen remarkable results. My children are more confident and talk about learning as fun. This game is a terrific addition to Dr. Warren's many other amazing learning materials.
  • I absolutely love "Word Shuffle." I use them with my students who require remedial lessons with language. I also used them with 18 and some 20-year olds and they seem to like the challenge of trying to beat me. The timer is an extra fun challenge. I also love, love, love this product because it is compact and it travels well. I can take it with me without adding extra weight to my already heavy load for school (I have five different school assignments). Hooray for "Word Shuffle!
  • These assessments have been wonderful in my work.  I have found the ELP to be very easy to use and fast to score. I often use them to help develop learning profiles for my clients.  Also, after the ELP, I find I usually engage in productive conversations about how the student (or adult _ work with college kids, Wall Street guys, etc.) learns and help them come up with examples in their lives about how each dominant category represents them.  Finally, I do group workshops and have given the ELP out to groups of people, which has been productive as well.
  • We need to use an eclectic approach and incorporate as many learning modalities as possible into our daily routine. By surveying the group (using the ELP) in the beginning of the year, we can discover their preferred styles and develop lessons plans, which complement them. If we are sensitive to their differences, we will teach the greatest number of respondents.
  • This survey and the recommendations are incredible. I think we, as teachers, spend a great deal of time getting to know the types of learners we have in our class. What a helpful tool to use after the first couple of weeks of school. I would love to use this tool early on and then tailor my lessons to the types of learners and their strengths.
  • Hey What's the Big Idea is a great family game. Everyone in the house loves playing the game and my children are quickly and enthusiastically making distinctions between details and main ideas. For my son who struggles with writing and the "big picture," it’s been great because it has really learned how to quickly generate details and main ideas.
  • A quick and effective way to teach, review or assess children's ability to make inferences. The book begins with examples of advertisements and a series of questions to guide students in making inferences about the advertisements hidden meaning. Some of the advertisements are challenging and could be used with higher level students. After the photo advertisements, inference activities for brand names, slogans and metaphors are included. The inference word game and crack the case game round out the book. The nice range of difficulty makes it possible for me to use the activities for all learners in my classroom. Finally, a concise and effective way to teach inferences. I would recommend this book for grades 2-5.
  • I am very excited to use this cd with my students! The tunes are familiar, and will no doubt help anyone to retain their basic multiplication facts! I had trouble downloading the manual, but after contacting Dr. Warren, was able to immediately access it! Great ideas, great support, and I'm sure I will have great results! Thank you, Dr. Warren, for making this available to parents, and educators alike.
  • My kids love this CD! They know all the songs by heart. This CD has made the very difficult task of memorizing the multiplication facts loads of fun. All the materials on the CD are right on target and offer tremendous ideas to help facilitate memorization of math facts. I highly recommend this to parents If your child is having trouble learning multiplication and division tables by rote memory, this product is the answer! The CD has great easy-to-learn songs that teach the multiplication and division tables with tremendous ease for verbal and non-traditional learners. It has changed my daughter's life (4th grade). For her, learning math is now fun and the songs are very catchy (even I sing them now). It also has a manual and handouts (which include mazes), which are lots of fun as well. I highly recommend this product. In my opinion, Dr. Warren has mastered the art of teaching from a multi-sensory perspective and this product is a must-have for all types of learners!
  • If this opportunity were available to me as a child I might not have suffered through many humiliating years of trying to hide that I did not know my multiplication tables which then slowed my ability to grasp other concepts and closed my mind to math for many years. It's been a great relief to see that my daughter, who has suffered similarly, was able to master the 3s in one day and have fun. This well thought out, multi-sensory approach is so catchy, the facts really stick. We got instant results and enjoyed the process. She's been empowered in every way.
  • What I love the most is the combination of activities and creative ideas. Some of my students love the songs, others are engaged with the kinesthetic activities, coloring activities, mazes, time’s table searches and so on. There are tools to grab even my most difficult students. I can't believe how quickly my class has learned these facts. Now they love the process.
  • Absolutely amazing resource for parents, students, and teachers! I am thrilled with this because as a high school teacher and special education case manager, this resource is exactly what I need when helping my struggling Sped students master study and organization skills
  • I am a school based occupational therapist who works with middle to upper elementary grade students. One of the biggest challenges I find with students today, is helping them keep their 'stuff' together. Difficulties with one or more executive function components truly impacts upon their ability to keep up with academic demands. "Planning, Time Management and Organization" is packed with suggestions for creating planners, checklists and many other forms and ideas to help teachers and occupational therapists assist students who are struggling with organizing their materials, completing projects and assignments, working memory, and transitioning.
  • I saw this pinned on Pinterest this morning and it was like a sign from the heavens! I am experiencing this issue with 80% of my current class. I use an organization binder for them and they aren't following through with any procedures for it. I am hoping this will refresh my ability to get them back on track, and to prove to them it is something we need to actively work on improving for them now before it is too late. I can share this with parents too, as reinforcement is critical from home. Thank you for this helpful resource!
  • Passive learners can become active learners! Disorganized students can become organized! Even last minute learners, that often miss deadlines, can learn how to get assignments in on time! This is a must have for any resource room! Teachers and parents can maximize any student's potential. You will quickly learn how to accommodate diverse learning styles and how to motivate students. Complex tasks are broken into manageable steps and even topics like writing a 1 or 5 paragraph essay, preparing for long term assignments, note-taking, memory strategies, reading, and test taking are addressed in an easy to follow format. There is a wonderful section that also enables students to create their own planners. The planner templates are terrific and if opened as a MS Word file, they can be customized and altered. The printable CD publication is packed with checklists and resources that are presented in an easy to read and colorful format. I like the fact that the CD comes with both a MS Word file and a PDF file. I don't have MS Word on one of my computers, but I can still use the product using Adobe Reader. Just make sure to update your computer to the newest free version of Adobe Reader.
  • Thank you so much for this! I am trained in the Orton-Gillingham methods. I work as a resource teacher for our district as well as tutor at our Children's Dyslexia Center. As a graduate student for Reading Specialist I am always looking for great resources for my own teaching as well as to share with my classroom teachers. This is definitely a great addition to my collection! Thanks!!
  • This workbook has been wonderful for helping my kids recognize, learn and reinforce the vowel combinations that had been holding them back from becoming better (and happier) readers. The worksheets that come from the schools can be deadly boring. With games, hidden pictures and coloring pages, my kids have actually enjoyed the worksheets in this book - and they've become better readers in the process. Learning and fun - and less frustrating reading homework. I'll be checking out more workbooks from this author.