The Executive Functioning Competency Screener Offers Comprehensive Reports and Expert Training

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Executive Functioning is a new hot topic in education that has sparked a lot of research and media attention. Executive functioning, or what I like to call the conductor of the brain, is the complex process of the mind managing and making sense of what we see, hear, touch, taste, and experience.
Executive functioning competency screener

What Does Executive Functioning Do?

Executive functioning also allows us to focus our attention, encode and process information into long-term memory, think about new information, regulate our emotions, shift our attention and perspectives, and make connections to what we already know. In fact, executive functions are often broken down into three core skills: 1) working memory 2) inhibitory control and 3) cognitive flexibility. When these three foundational skills work in unison, we can also accomplish higher-level executive functions such as problem-solving, reasoning, metacognition, self-regulation, time management, and organization.

So how can we identify students that have issues with executive function weaknesses?

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Affordable Executive Functioning Screener

The Executive Functioning Competency Screener is an affordable, digital assessment of executive functions that can help parents, teachers, and professionals quickly uncover the likelihood of executive functioning challenges. 

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How Was the EFCS Screener Designed?

I designed this tool based on my comprehensive doctoral training, extensive literature review, and over 25 years of experience working as an executive functioning coach. The EFCS sets itself apart from complex executive function tests by employing a straightforward Likert scale to address common symptoms. It serves as an informal evaluation to determine whether formal testing should be pursued to fully understand an individual's executive functioning abilities.

The EFCS is More Than A Screener!

I developed this screener to not only identify the likelihood of an executive functioning disorder but also to provide insights into specific executive functioning skills across the domains of working memory, inhibitory control, cognitive flexibility, and higher-level executive functions. The detailed report generated by the EFCS offers visual data, explanations, and remedial resources, while an online user dashboard provides group analytics and deeper insights into each learner's unique challenges.

In addition to assessment, I provided an array of training videos, podcasts, and handouts for those interested in learning more about executive functioning. Our goal is to assist individuals, educators, clinicians, and coaches in understanding and addressing the challenges related to executive functioning skills, helping them determine if formal testing, cognitive remediation, or coaching is needed. By doing so, we aim to enhance overall functioning and success in various aspects of life, including education, work, and daily tasks.

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Executive Functioning Coaching

Does Dr. Warren Offer Any Other Screeners?

Yes! I offer a number of other screeners. All my screeners are based on research, my extensive training, and many years of working one-to-one with struggling learners. Most evaluations are digitized and present an immediate report to a parent/guardian, teacher, professional, or individual.

The FREE Comprehensive Dyslexia Screener:

The FREE Comprehensive Dyslexia Screener (CDS) is a powerful tool for assessing dyslexia symptoms. It not only helps identify the likelihood of dyslexia or specific language disorders but also pinpoints the specific type of dyslexia and underlying deficits. The CDS investigates various dyslexia types, including auditory phonological, visual perceptual, visual surface, rapid naming, and attention-related dyslexia. It also examines higher-order language skills and working memory issues. With a detailed report providing explanations and remedial resources and a user dashboard for group comparisons, the CDS is a comprehensive solution. Additionally, we offer a range of training resources for those interested in learning more about dyslexia. Our mission is to support individuals, educators, clinicians, and parents in understanding and addressing dyslexia challenges, helping them determine if formal testing, cognitive remediation, or academic/work support is necessary. 

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The Student Processing Inventory:

The Student Processing Inventory (SPI), is a groundbreaking assessment tool that helps teachers accommodate the needs of their learners and promotes inclusivity within learning environments. Crafted to cater to the needs of educators, parents, professionals, and students alike, the SPI comprises four essential pillars:

  1. Online Assessments: These assessments uncover each learner's unique information processing methods.

  2. Personalized Reports: Comprehensive reports, provide in-depth explanations, invaluable advice, and a wealth of educational resources.

  3. User-Friendly Dashboards: Our user-friendly online dashboards facilitate effortless group comparisons and extensive data analysis.

  4. Training Resources: Access training materials, including videos, helpful downloads, and engaging podcasts.

Rooted in research-based methodologies and evidence-based practices, the SPI empowers educators to construct inclusive learning environments where every student can unlock their full potential. 

CLICK HERE to learn more.

The Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment:

The Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment is a comprehensive tool designed for teachers, reading specialists, and parents to assess and guide instruction for students' reading abilities. It serves as an essential baseline evaluation of students' reading knowledge and identifies areas of weakness, allowing for the development of targeted remedial plans. This assessment covers a wide range of subtests, including letter names and sounds, word blending, sight words, syllabication, phonics elements, and more, providing a thorough understanding of each student's reading skills. Additionally, it can be used post-remedial intervention to track growth and identify areas that still require support and attention, offering a valuable resource for tailoring instruction to individual needs.  Click here to learn more. 

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