Cognitive Remedial Games and Brain Trainers

Here is a list of Dr. Warren's cognitive learning tools that were designed to remediate learning disabilities as well as weak cognitive processing areas that impact reading, writing, math, memory and executive functioning. Dr. Warren's cognitive games are a best seller!

Can We Exercise our Brain?

Much like the body, if we exercise certain cognitive processes, our brain's functioning can improve.  Areas we can strengthen include:

  1. memory
  2. executive functioning skills
  3. visual processing
  4. auditory processing
  5. spatial skills
  6. fine and gross motor output
  7. verbal and nonverbal reasoning
  8. sequential processing
  9. simultaneous processing

At Good Sensory Learning, we love to make fun activities and games that strengthen cognition.  When Dr. Warren uses these activities with her own students in her practice, quick growth is achieved and mindful strategies can be woven into homework and academic content.  Dr. Warren loves to share her favorite tools, so that you too can achieve these gains.

What are Cognitive Remedial Games?

Cognitive remedial games offer a fun intervention approach that focuses on specific areas of cognitive processes such as auditory memory, processing speed or visual processing.  Targeted games exercise specific abilities over time and many offer progressively difficult levels of play.  

Some of our popular products that exercise the brain include: Working Memory Activities Bundle, Executive Functioning Games Bundle, Higher Order Language Bundle, MPower Primary Cognitive Games, Reversing Reversals Bundle, Following Directions Mega Bundle.