Free Dyslexia Guides

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If you are new to the term dyslexia or need to learn more about this common learning disability, handbooks, manuals and guides can be a very valuable resource.  Luckily, both dyslexia organizations as well as U.S. state departments of education often create these types of free resources.

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What is Covered in These Free Resources?

These free publications offer a wealth of information and often include sections on the following:
  • Important definitions
  • Characteristics or symptoms
  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Teaching approaches and resources
  • Research and recommended readings
  • Reasonable classroom accommodations
  • Common questions and answers
  • State and government regulations and legislation
dyslexia resources

    Here Are Direct Links to My Favorite Resources:

    1. Dyslexia Handbook (IDA, 2014)
    2. Parent Guide to Dyslexia (Child Mind Institute, 2016)
    3. The Dyslexia ToolKit (National Center for Learning Disabilities)
    4. Dyslexia Handbook (Illinois State Board of Education, 2019)
    5. Colorado Dyslexia Handbook (Colorado Department of Education, 2020)
    6. Dyslexia Resource Guide (TN Dept of Education, 2016)
    7. The Dyslexia Handbook for Teachers and Parents in South Dakota (South Dakota Department of Education, 2017)
    8. Life Success For Students with Learning Disabilities (Frostig Center, 2003)
    9. Resource Guide for Dyslexia and Other Disabilities (New Hampshire Department of Education)
    10. The Texas Dyslexia Handbook (Texas Education Agency, 2014)

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