Consultations with Dr. Warren

Teachers, education professionals, parents and individuals with learning difficulties can schedule phone or Skype consultations with educational therapist, Dr. Erica Warren. These sessions can be used to define or implement:

  1. optimal ways of learning
  2. compensatory learning strategies
  3. academic remediation approaches
  4. organizational and time management strategies
  5. academic or vocational goals
  6. advocacy skills
  7. assistive technology and software recommendations
  8. motivational strategies
  9. reasonable accommodations
  10. educational and remedial tool recommendations
  11. visualization coaching
  12. executive functioning coaching
  13. IEP, 504 or arranging college accommodations.

After choosing a consultation with Dr. Warren, you will be asked to mail all prior assessments, and school reports, to fill out background information and all involved family members will be asked to complete a learning profile.  This, plus any other pertinent information, should be mailed to Dr. Warren prior to the appointment for her review. This phone or Skype appointment is one hour in length and costs $200.00.

To schedule the appointment you can email Dr. Warren @ 

Coaching Session

If you would prefer a coaching or strategy based session, you can purchase an individual, hour-long appointment. Individual sessions are priced at $145.00. 

To schedule the appointment you can email Dr. Warren @


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Client Testimonials

  • Thanking you for our first consult/session that has already fed us and our son in the ways he and we need. We very much look forward to working together with you!  I am so very grateful that we found you, our friend has been raving about you to me for quite some time, I can certainly see why.  I only hope you can imagine what it felt like for our son to have you "get", validate, and enjoy him.  We know you will make learning fun and easy.  He is eager to see you!  We also hope you can imagine what it felt like for us to watch you "get", validate and enjoy our son, and connect with him while helping him shine.  This is a priceless gift we have been wanting and needing for years.
  • My daughter worked with Erica for several years with special attention in written expression. She recently "graduated" from Erica. She's now in 9th grade and writes like a college student, all thanks to Erica. Erica worked on motivation as well as strategies. Erica cares about her students and is committed to helping kids blossom. Erica thinks outside the box, so if one strategy doesn't work, she always has an arsenal up her sleeve. She has the patience of a saint. Erica is an absolute delight, and the kids just love her... and so do I. I highly recommend Erica to any child who's experiencing any learning differences that impact on their schoolwork. I can't say enough wonderful things about Erica.
  • I started to tear up but I still typed through my watery eye thinking of the hundreds of ways you have made my life better from schoolwork to personal things.  I am going to miss you, but with all the help you've given me, I know I will succeed this year.  I will miss the car ride with the multiplication song while going to your office. I will miss the help with the homework and I will even miss the days when I couldn't focus and you got me back on track.  I remember the first time I came to see you.  I was a little nervous, but you made my jitters evaporate when you told me how you would help me.  Thank you for all your effort and support.  I will miss you so much.  I love you.