Dyslexia and Homework Help

Kids with dyslexia doing homework

Is Homework Taking too Long?

Many students with dyslexia take twice as much time to complete assignments then the average student.  What’s more, they may retain less when finished.  As a result, many of these learners are working overtime.  They need strategies and tricks to make the process more manageable and memorable.  Here are some helpful homework sites that can assist with the learning process.

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How Can You Make Homework More Enticing?

There are a number of ways that you can make homework more palatable for students!  First, you want to be sure to avoid two common mistakes.

  • Don't use academic work as a punishment. When homework is associated with negative consequences, and it often has a negative effect on motivation.
  • Avoid calling assignments, "homework." 

Second, be sure to try some of these strategies:

  1. Create enthusiasm about assignments by showing your own excitement. 
  2. Bring fun into lessons and assignments. Use educational games and weave them into the curriculum. Using these entertaining and interactive options makes schoolwork more memorable too. 
  3. Click Here for nine additional strategies on my blog!

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What are my Favorite Homework Resources?

Here are a number of online resources that can help with the homework process:

    • Bozeman Science: videos in the sciences
    • Brain Pop: animated, curriculum-based instruction 
    • Bright Storm: video-based classes for standardizes tests and academic subjects
    • EZ Bib: citations, note taking, and research tools 
    • Fact Monster:  homework help 
    • Google Calendar:  calendar/planner
    • Google Docs:  word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets
    • Kahoot: game-based system for group discussions, test prep, and activities
    • Khan Academy: instructional videos and activities for academic and test prep
    • NASA Space Place: space science and technology information and activities
    • Prezi: online presentation creator
    • Quizlet: flashcards, games, activities and test prep
    • Rewordify: simplifies text into easier wording
    • Scrible: research tool that highlights, annotates, create citations, and organizes text
    • Shakespeare Online: simplifies and translates Shakespeare's work  
    • Shmoop: courses, test preparation resources, and learning guides
    • Sheppard Software: interactive activities and games for subject-based learning
    • Smithsonian Ed. Students: history, science, and social studies learning materials
    • Super Summary: in-depth study guides written by teachers and scholars.
    • Sweet Search: searches only the 35,000 websites with approved content by experts, librarians, and teachers
    • TedEd: curated educational videos, by talented educators and animators
    • Wolfram Alpha: computes answers in many subject areas

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