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At Good Sensory Learning, we offer a large selections of instructional and remedial tools and resources that can help teachers, educational therapists and other professionals support learners of all ages.  All our products are digital downloads, so there are no shipping costs or transit time.  You should receive the products within minutes of your order.  In addition, all our card and board game products can be printed and our workbooks and lessons can be printed or used on a tablet, iPad or Computer.  What's more many can be utilized during online sessions.  Please see the image below to learn how. 

How to Use Our PDF Workbooks and Lessons on a Computing Device

how to use a PDF on a computer or tablet

What's the Quickest Way to Find What I Need?

The fastest approach to finding the needed resources is to use the search feature at the top of each page.  Some sample search topics might be: 

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What Are the Different Resources at Good Sensory Learning?

1) Courses and Workshops  If you are interested in expanding your practice or knowledge base, about multisensory teaching methods as well as educational therapy practices, you can consider our growing selection of workshops and courses. CLICK HERE to view our offerings.  Here are just a few topics:

2) Assessment Tools If you are looking for screeners and other evaluations, we have a growing number of products in the areas of reading, spelling, visualization, study skills and more that can help you to establish the best starting place for your students.  CLICK HERE to learn about all our assessments.

3)  Cognitive Remedial Games, and Activities  If your students have cognitive based weaknesses or deficits, we have many products that can be used to strengthen the core cognitive skills.  Like a personal trainer for the brain, you can use our many games and activities to build each students abilities in areas such as auditory processing or visual processing.  CLICK HERE to see our menu of options.  A nice way to save is to purchase our bundles that offer a discounted price on a suite of products.  Here are just a few:

3) Informative Blogs  With over 500 blog posts, you can find a discussion on virtually any topic.  CLICK HERE to go to our blog.  Here is just a sampling of our many posts: 4) Courses and Workshops  If you wish to expand your knowledge base and practice, let me invite you to learn more about our courses and workshops on multisensory teaching methods as well as educational therapy practices. CLICK HERE to view our offerings.  Here are just a few topics:

5) Multisensory Lessons  If your students are having a difficult time learning specific academic content, we offer multisensory and memorable lessons with built in memory strategies and games. CLICK HERE to see all our lessons.  A few of the many titles include:

6) Personalized Suggestions  If you have a difficult student case or challenging group of learners and are unsure of what resources would best address the problem, feel free to email Dr. Warren with a comprehensive description.  Dr. Warren will reply with some suggestions at no cost.  You can email Dr. Warren here: