PowerPoints for Teachers - Lessons & Tutorials Online

Several of Dr. Erica Warren's educational materials are multisensory lessons available as Powerpoint. These fun and interactive lessons help build the needed skills and increases memory with game-like activities.

What are PowerPoint Lessons?

Our PowerPoint lessons were created using Microsoft software.  Downloadable slide shows can be used by teachers, therapist, learning specialists, tutors or parents to help present multisensory, rich, and interactive multimedia lessons.  They can be used in a large class or one on one with students.  Students can watch them multiple times too.  

How do we use PowerPoints to Engage Students?

Dr. Warren integrates her multisensory plan into all of her publications.  When it comes to PowerPoints she loves to integrate catchy images with embedded memory strategies, a sequence of steps, interactive activities/games within the slides, and out of the box presentations that tap into the 12 ways of processing information.  Dr. Warren really enjoys making her students laugh when learning, so there is often a humorous side to her publications.   

How Are Our Products Different?

Dr. Warren has spend the last 20 years working one-on-one with students.  In that time, she has closely studied the many ways students learn and what methods truly reach and empower discouraged learners. In fact, she often ignites the interest of her frustrated and discouraged learners by creating multisensory lessons just for them.