Educational Materials for Grades 7-12 | Writing, Reading, Activities

Students in Grades 7-12 may benefit from additional educational help or tutoring with Dr. Warren's grade-specific learning materials. With unique thinking skills and educational requirements in mind, this collection of academic and remedial tools was created specifically for an older population of learners.

Please note: Older students who struggle with dyslexia or other learning disabilities that require remedial assistance may benefit from materials listed in earlier grades.

How Can We Best Support Students in High School?

It's never too late to support your students and provide them the needed attention, strategies and knowledge! In addition, whether students continue with higher education or join the workforce after graduation, it's imperative that they have the needed literacy and cognitive skills to be active and informed members of society.  They need to be:

  • fluent readers with strong comprehension skills
  • capable writers with both keyboarding skills and legible handwriting
  • competent math skills
  • adept social emotional abilities

Can Students with Learning Disabilities Go to College?

Students with all types of disabilities can continue their education.  If they have not acquired the basic entrance skills, continued education with a learning specialist or educational therapist can help them to prepare and find the best programs to suit their needs.  Many times, an individualized approach can transform struggling learners into strong and capable students.