Kids, Adults & Students Educational Games

At the heart of Dr. Warren's approach are fun, multisensory, and interactive educational games.  Here is a list of all of Dr. Warren's products that offer games for learning and improved cognition.

Why Are Educational Games So Effective?

Educational games are effective because they bring the fun factor into learning.  This increases student stamina, attention, motivation and improves the overall attitude and sense of joy for each member of the class.  Students often feel as though they are having a break, when in fact, they are learning or reinforcing their knowledge.  In addition, when kids are playing educational games, they tend to learn more content in a shorter period of time.  Finally, educational games tend to nurture a sense of internal motivation.  Instead of bribing students with external motivating factors such as stickers, candy and toys, they will look forward to learning and will come to the table eager and ready. 

How Can Educational Games Be Used?

Educational games tend to be very stimulating for many students, and instructors can use educational games for:

  • teaching and reinforcing lessons
  • development of weak areas of cognition
  • remedial reading and writing
  • academic subject areas such as math, science, social studies and language arts
  • rewards for getting work done

What are Some of the Most Popular Educational Games at Good Sensory Learning?

Good Sensory Learning offers a large selection of educational games.  Here is a list of Dr. Warren's personal favorites: