Evaluations and Student Self Assessments - Training Bundles

Here is a list of Dr. Warren's products that offer educational assessments or offer evaluations within a product.  They include assessments for reading, spelling, learning styles, visualization, and more.

What are Educational Evaluations or Assessments?

Educational evaluations and assessments help to determine the specific educational needs of students in academic subjects. It may involve questions that measure a student's knowledge base so that remedial help can be offered to meet their specific needs.  Two examples are the The Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment and The Good Sensory Learning Spelling Assessment and Remedial Approach

What are Screeners?

Screeners are quick evaluations or questionnaires that determine the likelihood that a student has a diagnosis or weakness such as dyslexia or executive functioning difficulties.  Some screeners can also place students on a continuum and can disclose their visualization capacities or active learning capabilities to name a few. 

What is the Purpose of Student Self Assessments?

Self assessments allow students to take and score their own evaluation.  One such example is the Eclectic Learning Profile that enables students to determine their best ways of learning by asking questions about 12 different learning modalities.  This is a great way to learn empowering teaching approaches and the best compensatory learning strategies.  The publication also comes with a wealth of handouts as well as multisensory teacher training tools.