Multisensory Math Instruction - Puzzles, Games, Lessons

By breaking down math lessons, offering fun activities, integrating memory strategies, and igniting interest with games, Dr. Warren has developed a way to help students of all ages and grade levels learn fundamental math without the struggles that many students face in the classroom. Good Sensory Learning's collection of math instruction lessons takes the guesswork out of teaching math. 


What is Multisensory Math Instruction?

Multisensory math instruction uses lessons and materials that tap into the 12 ways of learning.  Our products strive to activate all the senses and also provide and organized presentation.  In addition, demonstrations, real life activities, group tasks, interactive lessons, and even ditties/songs are often used to entice struggling learners.

What Other Types of Methods are Used to Engage Learners?

We love to use a variety of engaging methods in our publications:

  • Rich visuals, engaging characters, and color coded steps
  • Fun games and creative activities
  • Interactive lessons that facilitate learning
  • Guiding lessons that offer a scaffolding approach
  • Embedded auditory or visual memory strategies

If you would like a glimpse at our approach, we often make suggestions on our various blog posts: