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Navigating Good Sensory Learning for Parents

We love to make learning fun and memorable at Good Sensory Learning, and we offer a number of tools, resources, and publications that can help you help your children.  All our products are available as digital downloads.  This way our catalogue is affordable and you don't have to worry about shipping costs or travel time.  You can print the game resources (card games and board games) and our workbook activities and many lessons can be printed or completed on a tablet, iPad or computer.

Instructions for Completing Our Digital Workbooks on a Computing Device

how to use a PDF on a computer or tablet

What's the Fastest Way to Find What I Need?

The quickest way to find the needed resources is to do a search on our site.  At the top of each page is a search box.  Some sample search topics might be: 

navigating Good Sensory Learning

What Are the Different Resources at Good Sensory Learning?

1) Multisensory Lessons  If your child is struggling with learning academic content, we offer fun and memorable lessons and strategies as well as games that teach and reinforce new knowledge. CLICK HERE to see a collection of all our lessons.  A few of the many titles include:

2) Cognitive Games and Activities  Perhaps your child has cognitive based weaknesses that are getting in the way of learning.  For example, they may have a poor working memory that is making it hard for them to learn new information, problems tracking their eyes across a line of text which gets in the way of reading, or weak fine motor skills that cause illegible handwriting.  Like a personal trainer for the brain, we offer many games and activities that can strengthen core cognitive abilities.  CLICK HERE to see our collection of tools.  Some examples are: 3) Informative Blogs  When you come to our blog, you can search for any topic of interest. CLICK HERE to go to our blog.  I offer over 500 topics, so you can get a wealth of suggestions and ideas like:
4) Courses and Workshops  If you are interested in homeschooling your children and want to learn more about multisensory methods and educational therapy practices, you can take our growing selection of courses and workshops. CLICK HERE to learn more about our instruction collection.  A few of my many offerings are:

5) Personalized suggestions  If you are unsure of what your child needs, feel free to email Dr. Warren with a description of the students academic difficulties.  Be as detailed as possible, and Dr. Warren will reply with some suggestions at no cost.  You can also schedule a Zoom consultation with Dr. Warren for a fee and she will work with you and your child via online or in-person sessions.  You can reach Dr. Warren here: