Executive Function Coach Provider Directory

We understand how important it is to find a qualified executive functioning coach. This webpage showcases a network of highly qualified practitioners who have attended Dr. Warren's comprehensive executive functioning training. These professionals offer support in
  • Working memory (encoding and retrieving information from memory & memory strategies)
  • Inhibitory control (attention, self regulation and metacognition)
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Higher level executive functions (such as study skills, planning, time management and higher level reasoning skills). 
Unlock the full potential of executive functioning support through our trusted network of practitioners.
Be sure to check out each professional's sites or contact them to learn more:
Name and Contact Information Online/In-person

Dr. Erica Warren, EF Coach & Educational Therapist     


Erica offers online sessions for all ages.

Darius Namdaran, EF Coach and Learning Specialist                     

  • Scotland                             
  • +44 7595 373211
  • darius@bulletmapacademy.com 
Darius offers online sessions for adults.

 Nancy Platt Dawud, EF Coach & Educational Therapist


Nancy offers online and in-person sessions for K-12.

Liz Hines, EF Coach and Learning Specialist                 
Liz offers online and in-person sessions for K-12.

Jacqueline Demers, EF Coach and Learning Specialist

  • Goshen, NY                               
  • 845-545-6296     
  • https://roots4learning.com/ 
  • missdemers@gmail.com  
Jacqueline offers online and in-person sessions for K-12 

Joanna D'Cruz, EF coach and Educational Therapist

Joanna offers online and in-person sessions for K-12 

Jelena Scott, Learning Specialist and EF coach

Jelena offers online and in-person sessions for K-12 
Or Simovitch, EF Coach
  • 271 Short Hills Drive Bridgewater NJ 08807
  • Cell: 848-209-7077
  • or.simo2@gmail.com
  • Languages: English, Hebrew 
Or offers online and in-person sessions for 1-12 

Stephanie Doshier, EF Coach


Stephanie offers online & in-person sessions for K-12+