Executive Functioning Coach: Provider Directory

Recognizing the critical importance of locating a highly skilled executive functioning coach, our website proudly presents a curated network of top-tier professionals. Each member has successfully completed Dr. Warren's rigorous executive functioning training program, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide unparalleled support. 

The coaches listed below offer a wide range of age support, from students to adults. These skills are essential for managing learning, thoughts, actions, and emotions to achieve long-term goals. Here’s a closer look at how our coaches tailor their approach:

Enhance Working Memory

  • Students: Our coaches use interactive and enjoyable videos and activities designed to help students develop fun and engaging memory strategies to encode, retrieve, and apply information efficiently, thus enhancing their memory and information management skills.
  • Adults: The approach for adults focuses on practical techniques, including mnemonic devices, visualization, and chunking information for better retention. Adults are also introduced to tools and strategies that help organize and manage professional and personal responsibilities.

Master Inhibitory Control

  • Students: Students learn techniques that boost focus, metacognition skills, and self-regulation. In addition, fun, structured instruction and activities offer direct application to learning. Coaches help students develop patience to think before acting and the discipline to maintain focus on tasks.
  • Adults: Adults learn to enhance their inhibitory control through exercises that promote reflective thinking, stress management, and the development of self-discipline. Strategies may involve time-blocking, the use of productivity apps, and methods to combat procrastination, enabling greater self-control and discipline in both their work and personal lives.

Cultivate Cognitive Flexibility

  • Students: Through creative problem-solving exercises, students learn to adjust their thinking and strategies in response to new challenges and obstacles, fostering adaptability and resilience.
  • Adults: For adults, cognitive flexibility is developed through scenario planning and engaging in reflective practices that challenge existing thought patterns so they are more adept at navigating change, new situations, and daily routines.

Refine Advanced Executive Functions

  • Students: Advanced skills such as planning, time management, and critical reasoning are taught through age-appropriate methods like visual schedules, defining microtasks, spaced repetition, and discussions that promote reflective thinking and reasoning.
  • Adults: Adults work on refining these skills through more complex tasks and scenarios, focusing on enhancing their ability to plan effectively, manage time efficiently, and engage in critical reasoning. Coaches offer strategies for setting long-term goals, prioritizing tasks, and utilizing analytical skills for problem-solving, laying the foundation for academic and professional excellence.

Build Effective Study Skills

  • Students: Developing strong study habits begins with teaching students how to organize their study space, use agendas to track homework and tests, and employ active learning strategies like summarizing and teaching back the material. These techniques ensure they can absorb and retain information more effectively, leading to improved learning outcomes.

Selecting a coach who has undergone Dr. Warren’s training program links you to an expert deeply knowledgeable about the complexities of executive functioning. The focus on real-world implementation, supported by a comprehensive collection of interactive materials, guarantees that these coaches are thoroughly equipped to assist clients throughout their journey of enhancing EF skills.  Each professional offers unique services and expertise. Visit their individual websites or reach out directly to discover how they can tailor their support to meet your specific needs.

Name and Contact Information Online/In-person

Dr. Erica Warren, EF Coach & Educational Therapist     


Erica offers online sessions for all ages.

Darius Namdaran, EF Coach and Learning Specialist                     

  • Scotland                             
  • +44 7595 373211
  • https://www.ivvi.app/pricing
  • darius@bulletmapacademy.com 
Darius offers online sessions for adults.

Nancy Platt Dawud, EF Coach & Educational Therapist

Nancy offers online and in-person sessions for K-12.

Liz Hines, EF Coach and Learning Specialist                 


Liz offers online and in-person sessions for K-12.

Jacqueline Demers, EF Coach and Learning Specialist

  • Goshen, NY                               
  • 845-545-6296     
  • https://roots4learning.com/ 
  • missdemers@gmail.com  


Jacqueline offers online and in-person sessions for K-12 

Joanna D'Cruz, EF coach and Educational Therapist

Joanna offers online and in-person sessions for K-12 

Jelena Scott, Learning Specialist and EF coach

  • Sydney, Australia 
  • jelenakrag04@yahoo.com 


Jelena offers online and in-person sessions for K-12 

Or Simovitch, EF Coach
  • 271 Short Hills Drive Bridgewater NJ 08807
  • Cell: 848-209-7077
  • or.simo2@gmail.com
  • Languages: English, Hebrew 


Or offers online and in-person sessions for 1-12 

Stephanie Doshier, EF Coach

Stephanie offers online & in-person sessions for K-12+