Lessons & Educational Material For Language Arts

Written and designed by learning specialist, Dr. Warren, Good Sensory Learning's collection of language arts educational materials make fundamental math, reading, writing and other language arts concepts both memorable and fun. With lessons on following directions, main ideas and details, abstract thinking, sentence building, compound words, phonics and more, the workbooks, lessons, activities and games make learning multisensory and kindle a joy for learning.


What are Language Arts Materials?

Language arts materials include instructional lessons and activities that develop and strengthen students' comprehension and ability to utilize both oral and written language.  It includes instruction and exercises that develop skills in:

  • reading
  • writing
  • spelling
  • expressive language or oral and nonverbal communication
  • listening
  • grammar and parts of speech

What Makes our Language Arts Materials Unique?

All of the language arts materials at Good Sensory Learning were designed to be both fun and engaging by using a multisensory approach.  In addition, we also integrate fun games and creative activities that are students tested.  Dr. Warren creates all the lessons, activities and games with all 12 ways of learning in mind.