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Dyslexia Support is the new home of Dyslexia Materials.  It is now merged with my popular Good Sensory Learning online site and I offer free advice, resources, and strategies for students with dyslexia.  My goal is to help students overcome any learning challenges by providing mindful and multisensory strategies and materials that will help them to maximize strengths and overcome weaknesses. Learning specialists, educational therapists, teachers, homeschoolers, and other professionals can learn ways to empower the individual needs of this population of learners as well as other students that struggle with the learning process. We are always open to new resources and product ideas as well as requests, so please let us know what we can do to better serve you and your students needs.  

Dyslexia Workshop

Dyslexia Support at Good Sensory Learning

Attention:  Dr.  Erica Warren
43 Lakefront Road, Putnam Valley, NY 10579


Author, Learnings Specialist, Educational Therapist, and Personal Trainer for the Brain

Dr. Warren’s diverse training has created a well-rounded expertise in the areas of learning, cognition, assessment, and remediation.  Much of Dr. Warren’s time remains devoted to working one-on-one with students where her unique, multisensory approach focuses on compensatory learning strategies, cognitive interventions and remedial reading, writing, and math.  Dr. Warren founded Learning to Learn, her private practice in 1999 and Good Sensory Learning in 2006.

Executive Functioning Coaching

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