Reading Instruction

Available for students of all ages and grade levels, our collection of reading instruction includes everything from the fundamentals of reading to higher order language skills. Designed and compiled by Dr. Erica Warren, these workbooks, lessons, activities, and games make concepts and lessons both memorable and fun. Continue to read below the products to learn more about each category of reading instruction.

Pre-reading Cognitive Tools

Helping struggling readers go back and strengthen the core cognitive skills required for reading assures that learners have a strong foundation for developing literacy skills. We offer two products in this collection that can develop the needed skills:

Basic Language Comprehension Building

This collection also offers a number of publications at Good Sensory Learning that support basic language skills that help to develop reading comprehension skills:

Reading Remediation

Finally, this collection suggests a series of reading games as well as a workbook and games for learning the vowel team or vowel combinations.  

Related Product

This collection does not offer any assessments, but if you are also looking for a comprehensive reading evaluation that really helps to define what students already know and what materials required instruction, the Good Sensory Learning Assessment is an excellent tool.