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Visualization: The Secret Weapon to Learning Workshops


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A Breakdown of the Workshop

This prerecorded Zoom presentation, by Dr. Erica Warren, presents a 35-minute workshop.   You will have access to the course for 365 days. 

The workshop covers:

  • What is visualization?
  • How visualization can be used to improve academics
  • What obstructs visualization
  • The history of visualization
  • A breakdown of the 10 visualization skills:
    • What
    • When 
    • Size/color
    • Senses
    • Quantity
    • Relation
    • Position
    • Accessories
    • Action 
    • Reaction
  • The research
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Memory
    • Academics
  • Academic solutions
  • Academic tools 

"I often call visualization my secret weapon for learning. It ignites imagination and makes instruction engaging, fun, and memorable. It's an essential skill required for a strong working memory - a cognitive processing area that's claimed to be a better gauge of academic success than one's IQ." - Erica Warren

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