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Does Working Memory Impact Learning?

A strong working memory is thought to be one of the most important indicators of academic success.  In fact, it's a better gauge of school achievement than IQ, because it measures a student's potential to learn rather than what they already know. It is an active part of consciousness that involves short-term memory.  Working memory utilizes immediate, conscious, language processing through the phonological loop as well as one's inner voice and mental imagery through one's visuospatial sketchpad.  It allows one to focus attention, execute mental manipulations as well as calculations, and it works with one's long-term memory.

model of working memory

Working Memory is a Vital Component of Executive Functions

Did you know that working memory is one of the three main components of executive functions?  These three core skills work together to help us reason, plan, organize information, and manage time. 

Working Memory 

The ability to temporarily store, manage, and manipulate a limited amount of information for reasoning, comprehension, and the preparation of long-term memory.  It's made up of two inner processes: the inner voice and inner visuals.

Inhibitory Control 

The ability to control one’s attention, behavior, thoughts, and/or emotions to override temptations and distractions, and instead do what’s appropriate or needed. 

Cognitive Flexibility

The ability to adapt thought processes in response to our changing environment. 

Why Should I Get the Working Memory Bundle?

working memory activities

How Can Working Memory be Strengthened?

These activities are cognitive remedial tools that exercise and strengthen:

  • working memory
  • cognitive flexibility
  • inhibitory control
  • attentional skills
  • mental flexibility
  • processing speed
  • visual processing

They are fun activities that your students will surely love.

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