Reading Assessment For Orton Gillingham: Phonics Assessment for Reading and Targeted Support (PARTS)

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The Phonics Assessment for Reading and Targeted Support - Formerly The Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment

The Phonics Assessment for Reading and Targeted Support (PARTS) is an essential tool, ideal for any Orton-Gillingham or phonics-based reading program. Designed by Dr. Erica Warren, this assessment helps teachers, reading specialists, and parents quickly identify a student's reading abilities and areas needing improvement. Whether used before or after remedial interventions, it provides valuable insights into a student’s progress and highlights specific areas that require ongoing attention.

Importance of Reading Assessment

Assessing a student's reading ability is crucial, even for those who struggle, as it helps establish a baseline of their knowledge and identifies precise weaknesses. This targeted evaluation ensures that the remedial plan is tailored and efficient, avoiding the frustration and time lost in re-covering familiar material. By pinpointing specific needs, our assessment allows for personalized instruction that directly addresses each student’s challenges.

Features of the Reading Assessment

The PARTS includes a comprehensive range of subtests designed to cover all aspects of reading proficiency including 12 categories and 28 subtests.

Utilization and Benefits

  • Simple to Administer: Designed to be straightforward and easy to follow, allowing educators and parents to efficiently assess students.
  • Guides Instruction: Results help tailor reading interventions and instruction to meet the unique needs of each student.
  • Monitors Progress: Ideal for tracking improvements over time and adjusting teaching strategies accordingly.

This printable comprehensive assessment is a valuable resource for effectively supporting the development of reading skills. By providing detailed insights into a student’s reading abilities, the Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment is an indispensable tool for enhancing educational outcomes.

Reading Assessment Subtests

The GSL Reading Assessment offers the following subtests:

  • Letter Proficiency
  • Rhyming Words
  • Syllable Divisions
  • Word Blending
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Middle Sounds
  • Ending Sounds
  • Blending Sounds to words
  • Drop the first sound
  • Drop the last sound
  • 1st Grade Sight Words
  • 2nd-Grade Sight Words
  • 3rd-grade sight words
  • Nonsense closed syllables
  • Nonsense open syllables
  • Nonsense silent e syllables
  • Nonsense R-combination syllables
  • Nonsense Consonant LE syllables
  • Vowel combinations
  • Syllabication
  • Blends, Digraphs, and Trigraphs
  • Ending Blends
  • Compound Words
  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes 
  • Multisyllabic Words

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Customer Reviews

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Kasey H.
Love this

I absolutely love this resource. I have used it frequently when assessing phonemic awareness and phonics.

Jess Irvine

Such an amazing data tracker! Not only tells what students need to learn, but also a great way to measure if classroom/rti interventions are helping the kiddos or if we need to adjust instruction.

Jacqueline Lopez

This resource is perfect for collecting data and provides an overall glimpse at a student's reading ability.

Jessica H.

Very thorough assessment that gave me a clear sense of where my students were struggling.

Yesenia F.

Great source for start of school year and review throughout school year. It let me know what skills I needed to focus on and teach.