The Personal Brain Trainer Podcast with Dr. Erica Warren

The Personal Brain Trainer Podcast

Dr. Warren also offers another podcast with Darius Namdaran:

The Personal Brain Trainer Podcast

Join Dr. Erica Warren and Darius Namdaran on an adventure to translate scientific jargon and brain research into simple metaphors and stories. they explore topics that will help you turbocharge your mind and steer around the invisible barriers so that you can achieve your goals.

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Here are a selection of our Podcasts: 

Episode 12 offers a discussion about executive functions, dyslexia, and ADHD relate.  

Episode 11 offers strategies and methods for teaching executive functions.

Episode 10 focuses on the importance of building a routine for improved executive functioning skills. 

Episode 9 explores 12 simple strategies that can be used to improve executive functions.

Episode 8 looks that the uniting force of working memory, inhibitory control, and cognitive flexibility to reveal higher level executive functioning skills.

Episode 7 offers a spotlight on cognitive flexibility - the third key area of executive functions. 

Episode 6 presents a deep dive into inhibitory control where Erica and Darius discuss the many feature of this EF skill.

Episode 5 covers an overview of executive functions and looks at the three subsets of EF: working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility.

Episode 4 offers a deep dive into working memory - one of the key components of executive functions and an outstanding indicator of academic success. 

Episode 3 defines learning to automaticity and discusses how this needed skill can be used for academic areas that require multitasking such as reading and writing.

Episode 2 offers a deeper exploration into visualization. and Erica and Darius explore how to improve visualization skills. 

Episode 1 presents a discussion about visualization and how it can be a secret weapon to learning for struggling learners. 

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