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What are Reversals?

Reversals are when the brain flips or rearranges an image or sequence of letters when processing or making sense of what is seen.  It's important to understand that it is not a vision problem.  Instead, it is an error in how the brain comprehends the image.  Some examples are:

  • Seeing the word "was" and processing it as "saw."
  • Looking at the letter "b" and perceiving it as "d."
  • Observing the greater sign and understanding it as the lesser sign.
  • Mixing up left from right.

What Causes Reading Reversals?

Letter, number, symbol, and word reversals are common when children begin to read and write, but some kids continue to exhibit this phenomenon.  In fact, it is a common factor in the diagnosis of dyslexia.  Although we don't have a widely accepted reason for this, studies have suggested that when information passes from one hemisphere to the other, some of the neurons in the brain present a different arrangement.  

Can Reversals Be Remediated?

With focused, repeated activities, reversals can be remediated.  Like exercising a weak muscle, one can provide drills so the brain can learn to perceive the images with greater accuracy.

Reversing Reversals:

Reversing Reversals digital download offers a PDF with fun, colorful activities that develop sequencing, visual processing, and tracking abilities for improved cognitive functioning and reading skills. For those that struggle with dyslexia or reading, this workbook can help to strengthen the basic cognitive skills required for reading and writing through fun and entertaining activities. This is a kind of cognitive remedial therapy that can be utilized by therapists, teachers, reading specialists, and parents. 

Would You Like More Reversing Reversals Activities?

We offer a series of publications for reversals and developing the foundational cognitive skills to be a great reader and writer.  To learn more about each of these publications CLICK HERE.  To purchase the whole bundle, CLICK HERE.

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