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Dive deeper into the art of suspenseful storytelling with Dr. Warren's "Show Don't Tell 2." This digital download offers a thrilling journey into descriptive suspense writing, allowing students to master the craft while indulging in engaging gameplay.

The Essence of Show Don't Tell in Suspense Writing

Suspense writing is an art of holding the reader's attention, and the "Show Don't Tell" technique is its backbone. This game equips players with the skills to:

  • Use leading words to guide the narrative.
  • Incorporate sensory hints for building tension.
  • Employ descriptive verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to paint vivid imagery.
  • Integrate literary elements such as similes, metaphors, personification, alliterations, and onomatopoeias.

By focusing on showing rather than telling, players learn to craft scenes that immerse readers, leveraging literary elements to captivate and enthrall.

The Value of Game-Based Learning

Games offer an interactive and enjoyable approach to learning, making challenging topics like suspense writing more accessible. By turning learning into a competitive and fun activity, students feel more motivated and engaged, fostering a positive association with writing.

Digital Flexibility

Purchased the game and looking to adapt it for an online environment? Whether you're conducting an online session or assigning homework, you can utilize the digital spinner tool available at to enhance the gameplay experience.

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Unlock the secrets of suspenseful storytelling and engage your students in a riveting learning experience with "Show Don't Tell 2."


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Kelly O.
Loved it.

My 7th graders loved this activity. It also really "showed" in their finished narrative!

Regan B.
So fun!

So fun for encouraging creativity in writing! Thank you.