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Step into the world of vivid storytelling with Dr. Erica Warren's "Show Don't Tell," a multisensory writing game. Available as a digital download, this game immerses learners in the art of descriptive writing, transforming bland sentences into captivating narratives.

The Power of Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing breathes life into words, painting vibrant pictures in the reader's mind. It's the bridge between mere words and the evocative imagery they can produce. By enhancing the quality of writing, students not only improve their communication skills but also develop a deeper connection with their inner visualizations. This connection allows for richer, more immersive writing that truly resonates with readers.

What Does "Show Don't Tell" Offer?

This engaging game introduces players to the core elements of descriptive writing, including:

  • Picturesque adjectives
  • Vivid verbs
  • Descriptive adverbs
  • Similes
  • Metaphors
  • Personification

Through gameplay, learners evolve from simply "telling" a story to "showing" it, crafting detailed scenes that pull readers into their world.

Game Components

Your digital download comes packed with:

  • Printable spinning boards
  • Spinners (with crafting directions) and images for printing
  • Sentence transformation strips
  • Gameplay sheets
  • Definitions and examples of descriptive writing elements

Game Objective

Players are tasked with transforming a basic sentence strip into a vibrant, descriptive statement that conjures vivid mental imagery. Points are awarded for the use of descriptive elements, with the highest scorer emerging as the winner.

Versatility of the Game

Wish to incorporate "Show Don't Tell" into homework or online sessions? No problem! If printing isn't your preference, utilize the online spinner tool at

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Empower your students to craft mesmerizing stories that linger in readers' minds with "Show Don't Tell."


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Melina B.

Excellent to encourage struggling writers to add sensory details to writing. Differentiated for all learning levels

Gail H.
Students loved this!

Great resource! My students loved this activity and it really helped them understand the "show don't tell" method by not being able to use certain words when re-writing it. Having it as a game helped them get more involved as well!

Felicia B.
Perfect tool

This was the perfect tool for some of my struggling writers. It forced them to think about writing detailed sentences, whilst giving them a strong scaffold to write within.

Megan P.

This was great for introducing and practicing our Descriptive Writing! It was easy to use and really effective! I will definitely be using it again the next time I teach Writing Comp!