How to Test Your Working Memory: An Affordable Screener

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Our working memory is a complex mental skill that allows us to process and learn new information.  It utilizes our sensory memory, assists our short-term memory, and communicates with our long-term memory.  Directed by the command center of our brain (executive functioning), working memory works in the moment with the support of a mental whiteboard and an inner, guiding voice.
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Where Can I Learn More about Working Memory? 

I am now offering recorded workshops to my audience. To view my recent workshop on working memory CLICK HERE or on the image.  If you would like to learn about my other workshops and courses, CLICK HERE.

A Working Memory Workshop

What Makes Up Working Memory?

Let's break working memory down into the key components and investigate the process.  You can watch my three-minute video, or continue with this blog.
  1. Sensory Memory enables one to briefly retain the environmental information that enters cognition through our senses.
  2. Short-Term Memory then holds a small amount of information in an active, usable state.
  3. Central Executive, at the same time, directs attention and allocates priority to the two following processing activities:
    1. Visual-Spatial Sketchpad visualizes input in an internal visual and spatial form and then sends and receives information to and from the long-term memory.
    2. Phonological Loop manages, processes, repeats (as an inner voice) written and auditory material and also communicates with the long term memory.
  4. Episodic Buffer acts as a stage and storage device that shares information with the long-term memory, the visual-spatial sketchpad, and the phonological loop.
  5. Long-Term Memory is responsible for the storage of memories for an extended time.

Working Memory Diagram

Why Should Working Memory Be Tested?

It's important to know about each learner's working memory because it is a key indicator of academic success.  What's more, one's working memory can be expanded with the use of metacognitive and memory strategies.

How Can I Test My Working Memory?

You can evaluate working memory as well as other areas of executive functions with the digital and affordable Executive Functioning Competency Screener.  It offers a comprehensive report with remedial suggestions, a user dashboard with group analytics as well as handouts and training materials.

Executive Functioning Competency Screener Logo EFCS

Do You Offer any Other Tests or Screeners?

Yes!  We offer a number of screeners and assessments.  You can click on the titles below to learn more about these resources:

Where Can I Find Remedial Materials to Strengthen Working Memory?

Executive Functioning CoachingAt Learning Specialist Courses, we offer a number of resources that can exercise, and develop working memory.  We offer products that enhance and gamify visualization capabilities, the management of one's inner voice, and memory at large.  To learn about all these products CLICK HERE.
I hope you found this blog helpful.  If you have any questions or you are looking for more out of the box educational materials or remedial tools to help and inspire struggling learners, come visit Good Sensory Learning and Learning Specialist Courses.
Working Memory Workshop

Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

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